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Men Tops

CM2XL: bust:114 length:77 shoulder width:51 sleeve length:233XL: bust:120 length:79 shoulder width:53 sleeve length:24L: bust:102 length:73 shoulder width:47 sleeve length:21M: bust:96 length:71 shoulder width:45 sleeve length:20S: bust:90 length:69 shoulder width:43 sleeve length:19XL: bust:108 len..
CML: beforedresslength:60 bust:92 waist:81 sweep:97M: beforedresslength:59 bust:88 waist:77 sweep:93S: beforedresslength:58 bust:84 waist:73 sweep:89XL: beforedresslength:61 bust:96 waist:85 sweep:101XXL: beforedresslength:62 bust:100 waist:89 sweep:105INCHSL: beforedresslength:23.6 bust:36.2 waist:..
CML: afterlong:74 shoulder:64.5 bust:123 waist:119.5 waistbandwidth:119 frontclamped:26.7 backclamped:30.7 dresslength:26.9 sleeves:53.3 cuff:46.3 frontcross:0 backcross:0 frontneckcross:13.1 backneckcross:19.9 fronzipper:66.8M: afterlong:72 shoulder:62 bust:118 waist:114.5 waistbandwidth:114 frontc..
CM2XL: bust:113 shoulder width:43 waistline:1033XL: bust:118 shoulder width:44 waistline:1084XL: bust:123 shoulder width:45 waistline:1135XL: bust:128 shoulder width:46 waistline:118L: bust:103 shoulder width:41 waistline:93M: bust:98 shoulder width:40 waistline:88S: bust:93 shoulder width:39 waistl..
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