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CML: waistline:70-83 pants length:93 hips:88-101M: waistline:66-79 pants length:92 hips:84-97S: waistline:62-75 pants length:91 hips:80-93XL: waistline:74-87 pants length:94 hips:92-105XXL: waistline:78-91 pants length:95 hips:96-109INCHSL: waistline:27.6 pants length:36.6 hips:34.6M: waistline:26.0..
CML: hip:98 length:98 waist:82M: hip:94 length:97 waist:78S: hip:90 length:96 waist:74XL: hip:102 length:99 waist:86INCHSL: hip:38.6 length:38.6 waist:32.3M: hip:37.0 length:38.2 waist:30.7S: hip:35.4 length:37.8 waist:29.1XL: hip:40.2 length:39.0 waist:33.9..
CM2XL: bust:108-112 waistline:90-94 clothing length:119-144L: bust:100-104 waistline:82-86 clothing length:117-142M: bust:96-100 waistline:78-82 clothing length:116-141S: bust:92-96 waistline:74-78 clothing length:115-140XL: bust:104-108 waistline:86-90 clothing length:118-143INCHS2XL: bust:42.5 wai..
CM2XL: sleeve length:63 shoulder width:43 length:75 bust:1063XL: sleeve length:64 shoulder width:44 length:76 bust:110L: sleeve length:61 shoulder width:41 length:73 bust:98M: sleeve length:60 shoulder width:40 length:72 bust:94S: sleeve length:59 shoulder width:39 length:71 bust:90XL: sleeve length..
CM2XL: waistline:90 pants length:84L: waistline:82 pants length:81M: waistline:78 pants length:79.5S: waistline:74 pants length:78XL: waistline:86 pants length:82.5INCHS2XL: waistline:35.4 pants length:33.1L: waistline:32.3 pants length:31.9M: waistline:30.7 pants length:31.3S: waistline:29.1 pants ..
CM2XL: pants length:99 waistline:88 hips:1203XL: pants length:100 waistline:92 hips:125L: pants length:97 waistline:80 hips:110M: pants length:96 waistline:76 hips:105S: pants length:95 waistline:72 hips:100XL: pants length:98 waistline:84 hips:115INCHS2XL: pants length:39.0 waistline:34.6 hips:47.2..
CM2XL: Bust:102-106 Hipline:104-110 Waistline:86-883XL: Bust:106-110 Hipline:108-114 Waistline:90-92L: Bust:94-98 Hipline:96-102 Waistline:78-80M: Bust:90-94 Hipline:92-98 Waistline:74-76S: Bust:86-90 Hipline:88-94 Waistline:70-72XL: Bust:98-102 Hipline:100-106 Waistline:82-84INCHS2XL: Bust:40.2 Hip..
CML: BottomsLength:122 bust:98 hip:100 waist:78M: BottomsLength:121 bust:94 hip:96 waist:74S: BottomsLength:120 bust:90 hip:92 waist:70XL: BottomsLength:123 bust:102 hip:104 waist:102INCHSL: BottomsLength:48.0 bust:38.6 hip:39.4 waist:30.7M: BottomsLength:47.6 bust:37.0 hip:37.8 waist:29.1S: Bottoms..
CML: bust:98 hip:112 length:145 waist:72M: bust:94 hip:108 length:144 waist:68S: bust:90 hip:104 length:143 waist:64XL: bust:102 hip:116 length:146 waist:76INCHSL: bust:38.6 hip:44.1 length:57.1 waist:28.3M: bust:37.0 hip:42.5 length:56.7 waist:26.8S: bust:35.4 hip:40.9 length:56.3 waist:25.2XL: bus..
CML: waistline:77 pants length:104 hips:116M: waistline:73 pants length:103 hips:111S: waistline:69 pants length:102 hips:106XL: waistline:81 pants length:105 hips:121XXL: waistline:85 pants length:106 hips:126XXXL: waistline:89 pants length:107 hips:131INCHSL: waistline:30.3 pants length:40.9 hips:..
CM2XL: pants length:35 waistline:88 hips:1103XL: pants length:36 waistline:92 hips:1144XL: pants length:37 waistline:96 hips:1185XL: pants length:38 waistline:100 hips:122L: pants length:33 waistline:80 hips:102M: pants length:32 waistline:76 hips:98S: pants length:31 waistline:72 hips:94XL: pants l..
CM2XL: pants length:38 waistline:88 hips:1163XL: pants length:39 waistline:92 hips:120L: pants length:36 waistline:80 hips:108M: pants length:35 waistline:76 hips:104S: pants length:34 waistline:72 hips:100XL: pants length:37 waistline:84 hips:112INCHS2XL: pants length:15.0 waistline:34.6 hips:45.73..
CM2XL: pants length:104 waistline:84 hips:1083XL: pants length:105 waistline:88 hips:112L: pants length:102 waistline:76 hips:100M: pants length:101 waistline:72 hips:96S: pants length:100 waistline:68 hips:92XL: pants length:103 waistline:80 hips:104INCHS2XL: pants length:40.9 waistline:33.1 hips:4..
CM2XL: waistline:82 pants length:44L: waistline:74 pants length:42M: waistline:70 pants length:41S: waistline:66 pants length:40XL: waistline:78 pants length:43INCHS2XL: waistline:32.3 pants length:17.3L: waistline:29.1 pants length:16.5M: waistline:27.6 pants length:16.1S: waistline:26.0 pants leng..
CM2XL: bust:116 waistline:117 length:55.5 sleeve length:54 pants length:35.5L: bust:106 waistline:107 length:54.5 sleeve length:52 pants length:34.5M: bust:101 waistline:102 length:54 sleeve length:51 pants length:34S: bust:96 waistline:97 length:53.5 sleeve length:50 pants length:33.5XL: bust:111 w..
CM2XL: waistline:86 pants length:42L: waistline:78 pants length:40M: waistline:74 pants length:39S: waistline:70 pants length:38XL: waistline:82 pants length:41INCHS2XL: waistline:33.9 pants length:16.5L: waistline:30.7 pants length:15.7M: waistline:29.1 pants length:15.4S: waistline:27.6 pants leng..
CM2XL: pants length:102 waistline:88 hip circumference:1433XL: pants length:103 waistline:92 hip circumference:1474XL: pants length:104 waistline:96 hip circumference:1515XL: pants length:105 waistline:100 hip circumference:155L: pants length:100 waistline:80 hip circumference:135M: pants length:99 ..
CM2XL: pants length:104 waistline:88 hips:1423XL: pants length:105 waistline:92 hips:146L: pants length:102 waistline:80 hips:134M: pants length:101 waistline:76 hips:130S: pants length:100 waistline:72 hips:126XL: pants length:103 waistline:84 hips:138INCHS2XL: pants length:40.9 waistline:34.6 hips..
CM2XL: hips:121 pants length:138 waistline:1083XL: hips:126 pants length:139 waistline:113L: hips:111 pants length:136 waistline:98M: hips:106 pants length:135 waistline:93S: hips:101 pants length:134 waistline:88XL: hips:116 pants length:137 waistline:103INCHS2XL: hips:47.6 pants length:54.3 waistl..
CM2XL: hips:104-108 waistline:80-84 pants length:393XL: hips:108-112 waistline:84-88 pants length:40L: hips:96-100 waistline:72-76 pants length:37M: hips:92-96 waistline:68-72 pants length:36S: hips:88-92 waistline:64-68 pants length:35XL: hips:100-104 waistline:76-80 pants length:38INCHS2XL: hips:4..
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